The Offaly Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – affiliated to the ISPCA, devotes itself to the rescue, care and re-homing of animals throughout the county.

Spaying & Neutering
 It's priorities include promoting the spaying/neutering of dogs and cats, in order to reduce the numbers of unwanted pups and kittens. Costs involved are met from Dept. of Agriculture grants, public donations and proceeds of fund raising activities.

 The Society does not have any official shelter facilities so it relies on individual members to ‘foster’ stray or abandoned animals. Chief outgoings are veterinary fees, telephone charges, cat & dog food, and insurance/affiliation. Assistance is provided to help meet costs of accommodating animals in care but all of the time involved and much of the financial outlay is contributed on a voluntary basis.

 The Offaly SPCA are always looking for good homes for rescued animals so if you are considering adopting a pet, please contact us.

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Please support our annual "Walk in the Woods"
Venue: Charleville Estate Main entrance  (beside the Heartworks Craft Shop)
Date: Sunday 28th August 
Time: 4pm

April 2016


This afternoon we were asked to help a dog that had practically collapsed at the entrance to Tullamore train station. What our volunteers found was a dog so weak and emaciated, with what was thought to be injured bleeding paws, he was hardly able to stand. He was lifted into the car and taken straight to the vets. He was examined by the vet and found to have ticks thriving in his badly matted coat, a grade 4 heart murmur, and 2 tumours under his tail. He also has numerous sores over his body and on his legs, and rotting teeth. He also had a broken dew claw embedded in his paw pad. He is an elderly dog, maybe 12 or 13 years old, and because of the dreadful body condition and coat we are not sure what breed he is, maybe a sheepdog. He also has evidence of a rope being tied round his neck for a long period of time. Despite his obvious pain, discomfort and hunger, he struggled to his feet and gently rested his body against our volunteer for a stroke. Is it worth an appeal to see if anyone knows who this dog belongs to???????? And would the 'owner' dare to make themselves known??? (But somebody knows who had him before this)
This evening the dog is free of pain and tucked up in a comfy, warm bed in the vets, and will be fed small regular meals. 
Once he is feeling better, he will be taken into foster care with us.
Keep him in your thoughts tonight and over the week end, he so obviously deserves better than the ordeal he has suffered. 
Thank you to Marion, Bernard and Olivia who helped to pick him up and to Derek, vet at The Pet Hospital. Without you guys he might not have seen the night out.
(The pictures in no way show the horrific state of this poor unfortunate dog nor the true extent of his suffering)

Sunday 3rd April 
Barney, as we have named him, spent a comfy night in the vets. He is being fed small and regular meals which he is devouring, has had treatment for fleas, worms and ticks and and is being given pain relief. He has had a 'haircut', so is now feeling a lot more comfortable. According to the vet he is a very sweet old gent, happy out resting and being fed. It has been decided that due to his heart murmur and age, amongst other things, he would probably not come through an operation for the tumours. So it has been decided that we will place him in a home where he can rest out in comfort his retirement, however long that may be. Thank you all for your messages of support, and for the kind offers to take him into your home. We will be in contact with those of you who have offered to give him a retirement home.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ BARNEY ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
If you would like to donate €4 towards Barneys (and others like him) care then
Four euros may not seem like a huge amount of money to one person but collectively all donations can save another animal from a life of negect & suffering just like Barney. Thank you.

    VHI Womens Mini Marathon 2016     

The Women's Mini Marathon is a great opportunity for all the ladies to run, jog or walk for animals in need. The Womens Mini Marathon will take place on June 6th 2016. Make Offaly SPCA your chosen charity and help make a difference to defenceless voiceless animals that desperately need your support. Every footstep you take will help raise much needed funds, funds necessary for us to continue our vital work. Remember any amount no matter how small will go directly toward the care & provision of the animals in Offaly SPCA care.
For further information and to register please contact our office on 0863785584. On behalf of the animals we Thank you.
For further information on this event including information sheet & course map check out the following link



 Prevention is the solution

As the kitten season draws near we will soon find ourselves inundated with calls from people asking us to take in their unwanted kittens. We don't have a shelter and have limited foster homes, so sadly many of these innocent kittens will have to be turned away.
We are spending thousands of euros each year raised from a variety of fundraising events in an effort to try prevent/reduce the suffering of these poor unfortunate kittens who no one wants.
Please don't wait, neuter your cat or that stray that you've been feeding NOW.
We are giving vouchers from our funds for the neutering of female cats to try to stem the never ending flow of unwanted kittens.
Spread the word & try to encourage those with cats to neuter them now before it's too late.
Call in to our office or call 0860222432.



Circus animals do not willingly stand on their heads, jump through rings of fire, or ride bicycles. They don’t perform these tricks because they want to and they don’t do any of these meaningless acts in their natural habitat. The ONLY reason circus animals perform is because they are scared of what will happen to them if they don’t. 

The ISPCA has launched The Big Stop campaign ( calling for an immediate ban on the use of wild animals in circuses on animal welfare and ethical grounds after it emerged that two Dutch circuses recently travelled to Ireland following a ban introduced by the Netherlands. The ISPCA is warning that Ireland risks becoming the dumping ground for wild animal circuses as more and more EU countries introduce bans on this out-dated and cruel practice. The ISPCA has also published a report "Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses" (Large file, 12MB) which gives an overview of the animal welfare concerns associated with this out-dated practice. You can find the report, a petition calling for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses and more here on our website - .
Dutch circuses Belly Wien and Renz Inter travelled to Ireland last week as part of a joint enterprise with 65 animals including three Asian elephants, Bactrian camels and a number of equines and bovines. Now banned in the Netherlands, they have travelled to Ireland where there are no regulations on the use of animals in circuses. For more information and to 



We received a call this morning Thursday the 7th of January 2016 from a distressed mother living in Geashill Co. Offaly, in relation to two horses. When our Offaly SPCA volunteers attended, they were met by a “horrific scene”.
Two beautiful young horses already deceased, dragged, dumped, bound by their legs, disembowelled, their necks skinned, YES skinned!! we believe this was in an effort to remove the microchips, thus preventing identifying those responsible for this vile act. Our hearts are heavy tonight, we despair for these beautiful defenceless animals who have clearly suffered horrific cruelty at the hands of those who they relied upon most. As animal welfare volunteers we are unfortunately on the whole un-shockable but seeing this level of total disregard for life is extremely worrying and is a major welfare concern, with reported cruelty cases reaching new levels of low.
The mother who discovered the horses was at the time, attempting to drive her two children to school, but couldn't do so as the horses were blocking her route. These children are tonight completely distraught and horrified at what they have seen. Horses require more care throughout winter months such as a secure field, feed, hay, shelter and in some cases a warm waterproof rug. If you can not provide these things then you should not own or be responsible for an equine. Apologies for the graphic content, but we feel the public need to be made aware of such incidents.
Offaly SPCA would like to thank Offaly County Council for their assistance today.
"Animals don't make me cry, what humans do to animals does." 
A.D Williams

"The Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) has had a donor step in and is willing to offer up to €3000 for accurate information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this most brutal and heinous crime towards animals. A second offer of a reward was also put forward from a Tullamore businessman. Offaly SPCA are very grateful for both generous offers. If people have information, please contact the local Gardai in Offaly, the Offaly SPCA or ARAN directly. Animal abusers are cowards and they take their issues out on those most vulnerable in society.


O.S.P.C.A dog & cat food donation boxes 
Our donation boxes are in 4 locations across Offaly.
There is probably a shop/premises near you where you can donate. Please call in and donate in your local shop/premises.Thank you to all the shops who have allowed us to place the boxes on their premises and to all the people who have donated food so far. Please support and donate to this great cause. We will keep you updated.